연예인 밤문화 탐방기/미약과 마약의 차이는?

http://poleiades2012.tistory.com 2012년 7월 30일용산전자 상가에 갔을 때, 식당에서 들은 얘기입니다. 늘 이런 식으로 간접메시지를 전달합니다. 이게 7년 입니다. 이명박, 이건희 씨입니다. 애국합시다.  Todays, I heard that two women & man who seated behind me at Korean restaurant nearby Youngsan electronics market PM 1:30 talking each other, “We will give you money until 18 Aug” “Could be identity theft” “He has enough to live on, but there is no property for his name”“He transferred property to his wife, all property is named his wife, he must be a thief” “His wife is, nominally, the person in charge.” “His wife & children is waiting to him” “He has play a trick always”  Above mentioned, it is common tools that they want to message to me indirectly. According to their talking about someone, they want to suggestion to me regards AVARTAR or other person as me. I think that they must be a liar. I have confidence to being AVARTAR which is copied from original person, but AVATAR is not real person. Generally, the AVATAR is created transient person by special unknown abilities. Who is the person in charge his life? Obviously, the AVARTAR must be being existed and I believe it because that I witness it several times. Nevertheless, it seems like the most of AVATAR have no self-consciousness. Be sure to remember it. It is the best way to cheat people, do you understand? I anticipate it that they are talking about active support to me today. But, I remember that they had been cheating to me for 7 years continuously. Maybe they want to keep going their cheating business, if they have not dramatic accident such as bullets of criticism by public opinions.   안 되는 영어 억지로 적자, 시비걸고 조롱하기, 굳이 영어로 적는 이유는, 외국인들도 보라는 취지입니다. ㅎㅎㅎ  아이는 결국 학교를 중퇴했습니다. 여기가 학교랍니다. 그래서 내게 뭔가를 가르쳐 준답니다. 그게 아바타 섹스입니다. 자꾸 나오라고 합니다. 그래서 나가 보면, 두들겨 패고, 욕설 퍼붓고 난리가 아닙니다. 나쁜 놈들입니다. 이용해 먹으려고 그런 짓을 하면서도, 내게 뭘 가르쳐 준답니다. 그리고 그게 학교랍니다. 무슨 놈의 학교가 맨날 욕설이고 구타고, 엄한 사람을 패 죽이려고 눈깔을 부라리는 학교가 있단 말입니까? 이게 이명박, 이건희 씨의 교활한 술수, 속임수 입니다. 심리전이죠. 제가 학생이랍니다. 허허..  Your personal information can be misused for bad purposes by bad people. 이들은 인간들이 아니며, 흉악한 파충류형태의 외계종들입니다. 지금 결혼 사기극, 가상섹스, 아바타 사기범죄 수법으로, 수많은 사람들을 대상으로 증거없이 해코지하고, 잡아 가두고, 정신지배 당하는 노예로 만들고 있다는 추론입니다. 오늘 아침에도, 과거 여자들을 잠시 생각했더니 또 다시 가상섹스 느낌과 함께 아바타가 만들어지는 환각이 들어오고, 연이어, 흉악하게 욕설을 퍼붓고 위협을 가하는 사내 놈 목소리가 들려 옵니다. 계속 이런 식으로, 생각하는 것마다, 그물, 함정을 걸어 놓고, 아바타 속으로 유인한 후, 폭행을 가하고, 욕설을 퍼붓고, 해코지하려는 수법을 고수하고 있습니다. 그냥 생각만 해도, 자동으로 끌려 들어가게 만들어 놓았습니다. 아바타들을 이용한 폭행, 구타, 해코지 수법인데, 사람이 할 수 있는 일들이 아닙니다. 여자 생각만 했다 하면 그 즉시 섹스 느낌, 여자가 되는 느낌이 들어오고, 곧 이어 흉악한 사내놈 욕설이 퍼부어지고, 주먹질 ,발길질이 시작되는 형태입니다. 보나마나 요 흉악한 놈들이 만든 함정이죠. “생각만 해도, 걸려들게 만든 무서운 덫입니다” 이런 식으로 사람을 잡는 겁니다. 혼을 빼고 노예로 만드는 거죠. 여기에 내 아바타를 이용해 처 먹은 것입니다. 세계의 절반을 잡아 처 먹었다는 정보가 있습니다.  To capture my soul, they put me in other’s Sexual ecstasy continuously. It must be cheat people using ether avartar which was made in hell. It is not real fact. The virtual sex which is called sharing other’s sexual experience is a complete invention.  Those unmitigated villains was forbidden me have a sexual relationship for 7 years in order to put me in severe trouble. Also, they want to capture my soul through starve instinct desire more easily. What a mean dirty trick! It is the LEE GUN HEE & LEE MYUNG BAK. They have special abilities to make slave for targeting human, as a results of their mind controlling, most of women had been refusing my proposal to make romantic relationship or friendship for 7 years. It was a very skillful disturbing tool, but most of people never understand it. But, I know it. You never understand, if you don’t know behind secret world’s truth.  That’s the reason why called animal for human by them. Most of human don’t know the truth due to ignorance. At the Atlantis civilization, most of people know it very well, but nowadays most of people don’t know it. Why? Why? Why?  Do you have question the reason why SAMSUNG Group’s prosperity? Um…ha ha ha ha….the only crime is the ignorance. Sex? Enjoyment? Pleasure? Heaven? Ha ha ha yeott cheo deu si oh. What is worse, human’s soul is ignorance too. During 7 years, I was attempted to make girlfriend over 2,200 women, but I never make girlfriend. Why? I’m not stupid man. You know it very well. LEE GUN HEE & LEE MYUNG BAK must be go to hell after dead.   To cheat people related marriage fraud event, the virtual sex or avatar’s sex cheating skill was developed by LEE GUN HEE since 2008. Please trust me. I suppose that they had been captured so many people’s soul by using cheating tool and make a slave for 7 years. 사형에 처해야 한다. 죽여야 한다는 말이다. They pretty like to play it on a person. They are villains extremely. 대단히 비열한 자들이다. As I know, the same thing was occurred Atlantis civilization’s society by black occults as devil’s power. Please refer to bible’s prediction regards devil’s dragon, SATAN or bad reptilians. It is true. Please believe it. Devil’s power is exist really. Besides, by using those cheating tools, LEE GUN HEE can be achieved going through USA’s upper classes society by using AVARTAR of mine. It is true! Please investigate it. He is the worst skillful villain in the human’s history. 나를 이용해서 미국상류사회까지 침투해 들어가는데 성공했다. 나는 이러한 메시지를 이미 2008년 초에 받았다. 이들은 지금까지와는 전혀 다른 외계행성에서 온 악성 외계종들이라는 것이 내 추정이다. 속지 말라. 절대로 속지 말라. 파충류들이다. 인간으로 위장할 수 있다! Also, I had been putting the worst poor by them, and so I can’t make a sexual relationship by money. I’m in severe trouble for 7 years. Cheo juk il kae sae ki들이 이명박, 이건희입니다. 그러나 오늘 날 이들은 자신들이 가진 권력을 이용해서, 거꾸로 저를 감옥에 보내려 하고, 죽이려 하고 있습니다. To do snatch soul or spirits from human, they used to unknown ether magic or mind controlling for human. Most of human doesn’t know the facts. The virtual sex which was developed by LEE GUN HEE is aimed that it is make a slave for targeted human or out do all competitors through snatch the soul or spirits from human. Give the people sexual ecstasy is to capture human’s soul more easily. They must be malignance aliens or devil’s family.   The point is that bad reptilians want to get the human’s soul in order to make a slave. Nowadays, look at the world, LEE GUN HEE who was disguised human form can be achieved the goals by using AVATAR’s SEX.