North Korea's Monster in the Mountain

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                           I hope that it is NOT true. A Chinese scientist named Wang Naiyan, has stated
that the mountain where the North Korean government has been carrying out nuclear tests within it,
might collapse and spew out radiation over not only a good part of North Korea but also into China 
and maybe South Korea. Wang Naiyan, a former chairman of the China Nuclear Society and among
those involved in China’s own nuclear research program, has raised the truly possible danger that
another nuclear test done in the same mountain might totally collapse and contaminate a sizable 
region of North Korea with radioactive waste. Chinese researchers at the University of Science and
Technology of China in Hefei (Anhui province) have been examining the Punggye-ri mountain site
and are confident that this is where the North Korean government is conducting their underground
nuclear testing. Apparently the North Koreans may not have considered the risks of this entire
mountain collapsing and the environmental disaster that might occur. This has happened in North
Korea before. One of the reasons why North Korea has a serious flooding problem is because of
deforestation caused by poor agricultural planning and so many North Koreans cutting down trees
for fuel to keep warm since the North Korean government cannot provide enough natural gas. Any
possible radiation implosion will not only be an incredible disaster for North Korea, it could lead
to social and government instability the likes of which has not been seen before.